Red Popple – News Anchor

Red Poppel - News Anchor

News Anchor

Red says being a News Anchor is the most fun he’s had in his entire life.



Red Popple is co-news anchor baby on FCOL-BN TV news.
Born in the windy city of Chicago, his parents moved him and his 4 older siblings to Phoenix when he was 2 weeks old, to escape the cold.

Popple originally thought he wanted to be a doctor and focused his early education on medicine. But he switched his major to communications when he started crying at the sight of blood.  After getting his B.A. (Baby Arts) he went on to get his M.B.A (Master of Baby Arts) in journalism. At a spry 40 weeks old, he’s the youngest news anchor on FCOL-BN TV.

Popple didn’t intentionally decide to become a reporter. “I was propped in front of the TV with a sippy cup, watching the news, and suddenly I thought to myself – Hey baby! You can do that.” Popple says being a news anchor is the most fun he’s had in his entire life. “I can nap any time I want, and I get to make fun, I mean have fun, with my best friend (Lincoln) every day. What could be better than that?”

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