Sweetles® TV Show is comedy for the whole family to enjoy!

Sweetles® TV Show - your gateway to comedy!

Sweetles® TV Show



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Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot

Fairy Godmother

Fairy odmother with Sweetles®She inhabits Storyland along with
Sweetles® her fairy goddog, and
a wide assortment of animals.


Mr. Whistle

Train Conductor

The conductor speaks outDelight in the antics of the wickedly funny wizardly Conductor, Mr. Whistle

Lincoln Blue

News Anchor

LIncoln Blue - News AnchorLincoln Blue keeps us current
in For Cryin’ Out Loud Baby News.

Tony Bananas

Standup Comedian

Tony Bananas standup comedy puppet from Sweetles® TV Show

Discover wacky comedians
like wise guy Tony Bananas.

What is Sweetles® TV Show

A magical Storyland.

If you love fairy tales, fables, folklore and fiction you’ve come to the right place!

In production now, this made for the internet web series TV show will be available on YouTube soon!

fairy tale book landscape


Sweetles® TV Show is a bit of Sesame Street, a lot of Monty Python and some fairy tale goodness all mixed together.