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Books and comic books to help your kids learn how to deal with difficult social and personal situations with humor and empathy.


Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow E-Book

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$5.99 list price
This book gives young readers (ages 3-10) ideas on how to make friends – especially when you’re different from everyone else. A fast paced delightful picture book for kids. Immediate download for tablet or kindle.




Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow book

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$17.99 list price
A fun read for parents and kids. This book has surprisingly useful, actionable ways to navigate uncomfortable social situations kids may encounter trying to make friends. A 32 page picture book, ideal for kids ages 3-10.


Sweetles Comic Book Issue 1

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Limited Edition!
A Comic Book about a dog named Sweetles® that decides to make a children’s web series. Why Sweetles decides to do that has everything to do with the new MEANY at the park. Will his love of reading and naps help him?  Will his Greek chorus of quail assist him? Find out in this comic tale of canine love, toddler meanness and the power of the internet.

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