Lincoln Blue – News Anchor

Lincoln Blue - News Anchor

News Anchor

Lincoln enjoys being a News Anchor but says it’s probably not for everyone.


Lincoln Blue, the co-news anchor baby on FCOL-BN TV news is from Greenwich, Connecticut.

He’s been lead anchor for FCOL-BN TV news for the past 12 months – that’s 48 weeks in baby language. Lincoln has an M.B.A.(Master of Baby Arts) in broadcast journalism and a B.A. (Baby Arts) in English. His other qualifications include the ability to forgo afternoon naps, write the ABC’s up to the letter ‘Q’, and keep a meticulous eye on what he wears everyday.  ‘Babies in onesies don’t make it in this business’ says Lincoln, ‘you must be able to wear grown up clothes to succeed.”

At only eight weeks old, Lincoln decided that he was going to be a TV reporter. “I really wanted to be a baseball player, but I when I wrote my first A from ABC my parents encouraged me to take a safer, more reliable job.”

He says being a news reporter might not be the right career for everyone. If you think that what he does all day is sit at a desk, think again. According to Blue, reporting is having to change a diaper in 10 degree weather at 1 in the morning during a three-hour baby owl standoff.



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