Joey “The Jumpster” – Sportscaster

Joey "The Jumpster" - Sportscaster


The Jumpster is the ‘go to’ baby for sports news.



Joey O’Donnell says he got his nickname from his dad because his mommy said he was constantly jumping in her stomach even before he was born. According to his mother, his jumping was so annoying she thought he was destined to be a preemie. His father thinks he’s all that.

At 32 weeks old, and a fit 7 pounds 2 ounces, The Jumpster can be found FX cycling, shooting the hoops, high jumping, skiing, swimming, or any sport that involves leaping, bounding or jumping.

After watching the weather man on this season of American Ninja Warrior, he’s decided he’s going to be a part of the next season. The heck with the age limit!

Watch out for The Jumpster. He is the ‘go to’ baby for sports news. He makes the team at For Cryin’ Out Loud Baby News (FCOL-BN TV) complete with his quick banter and endless stories on sports. His latest obsession, besides being a Ninja and doing parcour, is golf.


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