Why We All Need a Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot

Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot

The Fairy Godmother always sees the best side of a story. She may be addled, misguided and even ill informed, but she can still grant wishes. But not always, due to wand failure and perhaps brain blips. She can tell a very long, very very long tale. But can never finish a story because of tangents. When she tells a joke, she often, more often than not, can’t remember the punch line. Her dearest and truest companion is her god-dog Sweetles®. She also has a trio of clever little rats that like to sing, a ‘big boned’ incredibly fluffy cat, 2 pottery sheep, 3 tiny mice in a gift box. Plus other assorted ‘animals’ that assist her with her magic.
Totally lovable grandmotherly, great aunterly, all around wonderfullest godmother.
Fairy Godmother Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot in Storyland from Sweetles® TV Show

"Shall I tell you a fairy tale?"

" I would enjoy that so very much my dear friends. Follow me to Storyland in Sweetles® TV Show, where you'll hear wondrous fables, whimsical stories and wacky tales.

Hurry my dears, you don't want to be late!" exclaimed Fairy Godmother, Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot.

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