Eggy – Entertainment Reviewer

Billy Bea BB Burt

Entertainment Reviewer
and Critic

Robby Eggbert, or Eggy, as he’s fondly called by his friends, is a baby that sleeps, eats and dreams movie quotes.

Genuinely interested  in all things entertainment related, Eggy impresses even the most jaded movie lover with his amazing knowledge (for a baby) of actors, actresses, directors, film history and celebrities.

He and co-hort critic Gene CeCe, created the ⇒BNAFBAWE
♥ Baby News Awards For Best And Worst Entertainment ♥ in order to dole out the golden ‘Thumbs Up!’ and ‘Thumb Suck!” awards.

Watch CeCe & Eggy, on For Cryin’ Out Loud Baby News (FCOL-BN TV) as they voice their opinions on movies, TV shows, web series and YouTube videos.

Stay tuned for entertaining reviews.

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