A Poem about Why You Need A Fairy Godmother

"Listen, pet, I'll tell you why..." You need a fairy godmother to bring out your best and cheer for you. Just think about those days you're down, wearing nothing but a frown, Queenie grasps just what you need a great big laugh, a hug, indeed! Feeling sad or blue or...

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A Poem about Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot and The Dragon

"The Dragon's Lair!" Queen Weenie Bunny Foot saw The Dragon read a book, lay it down upon a chair, deep inside his Summer lair. Quickly he looked out the door, peering down…There! On the moor. A tiny mouse he spied ahead, leaping towards his little bed. “Ahoy there...

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A Poem about Fairy Godmother Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot

"Piggly Wiggly Boof!" Queenie wearing shades of blue, granting wishes two by two. Sweetles sits upon her throne, seeking treats (such as a bone). Queenie looks indulgently, pats his head (and swats a flea). "Here my dear, a treat for you", Sweetles hides it in her...

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Who Is Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow?

Clever, witty and intelligent. Not words you generally think of when you see a cow. But Mary Elizabeth is no ordinary cow. Author, Sal Barbera, has created an endearing, lively and witty cow and this is her tale about how she gets a group of mean spirited, bossy cows...

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Sweetles Creates A TV Show

Sweetles realizes the shows on tv might not be teaching kids very good things. Hmmm...cows...frogs...pigs! Social Blunders? Lack of Manners? Bad behavior? Holy Cow! Sweetles needs to figure out how to fix this. Sweetles creates a TV show and plans to put it on...

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