A web series for children from birth to 10 years old.

  • Discover original, compelling, funny, irresistible stories! Written & illustrated by creative artists.
  • Read by experienced storytellers. Animated with happy music!
  • Have fun watching the best ‘new classic’ fairy tales, fiction and fables in colorful animation!
A Sweetles Dream® web series for kids- Sweetles is dreaming!

A Sweetles Dream® Web Series for kids

New & classic fairy tales, fiction & fables
Meet Fairy Godmother

Meet Fairy Godmother Queenie Weenie Bunny Foot, Auntie Grandma and her friends.

Watch Queenie’s fairy god-dog, Sweetles®, dream about animals that come to life while he’s sleeping.

Meet Mr. Whistle the Train Conductor

Jump on the video train to Storyland with Mr. Conductor when he hollers “All Aboard!”

New fairy tales to entertain & inform kids, the character based stories illustrate positive social skills & good behavior.

With a focus on:

  • personal strength
  • morals & values

Fun music & engaging, simple animation help kids learn how to make the world a kinder, better place!?❤️



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