6 Tips for Reading with Your Children

Developing a love for reading begins with you. Get started with these 6 Reading Tips from Sweetles® .

Love to Read at OC Children's Book Festival
The stories from A Sweetles Dream® book series have words and pictures that make it fun for you and your child to read together, laugh together and enjoy each others company.



To start with….

  1. Get Comfortable
    Pick a comfy spot to read in – one with plenty of light.Lynns Corner book review
  2. Make A Routine
    Whether it’s right before breakfast or right before bed, make a special time every day to read together.A Sweetles Dream
  3. Encourage Your Children
    Give lots of encouragement! Read the words aloud to your child.

    Peter Busch at PCH reading Mary Elizabeth the Spotless Cow.

  4. Show your love of Reading
    Point to the pictures. Say the words together. Laugh with your child.Read about Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow
  5. Start Early!
    It’s never too early. Reading can be a bonding activity for you and your new baby.
    Introduce reading right away, keep books in the nursery and have your books out for baby and toddler to see!
    Read to your baby
  6. Have a Conversation
    The fun continues after the last page! When you finish a story, ask your child about his/her favorite passages, characters, and illustrations. Get them thinking about the story and give them reasons to find it interesting and thought provoking. Make it fun!Cousins read together!