Have you ever wondered how to attain the exciting, interesting and often amazing life of a social guru?

5 easy steps to being social

A Social Guru has many friends, meets interesting people, makes well rounded conversation and attends parties and events.

You can become a Social Guru by starting with these 5 easy steps.

You begin with one word to start the adventure:   Hello!

Here are the 5 easy steps:

  1. You are in a new situation (a show, an event, at school, etc.) with people you’ve never met before

  2. You turn to the closest person to you

  3. Smile

  4. Put out your hand and give them a warm hand shake

  5. And say: “Hello! My name, is…. and who are you?”

That’s it.

You’ve begun your exciting and fun journey to knowledge and friendship.

And now a bonus step:


Then listen closely to their response. Repeat their name a few times in your conversation. Ask them questions about themself. Listen to the answers. Repeat their name. Thank them.

Move on to the next person in the room and repeat the above steps.

You’ll be on your way to meeting a whole group of new people, perhaps making a new friend or two and ultimately feeling happy and comfortable with this group of former strangers. And you’re well on your way to becoming a Social Guru. Just like Sweetles!