“Many of the 17,000 foster kids in Arizona have never had a Birthday Party, let alone presents.”

AZ Helping Hands Birthday Dreams

  • Over 17,000 Foster Children in AZ
    Arizona Helping Hands is a non-profit that provides clothing, toiletries, beds, toys and gifts to over 17,000 foster children in Arizona. 

  • Birthday Dreams program
    AHH has a program called Birthday Dreams. Each child receives a huge bag of goodies for their birthday. And each bag includes a book.


  • Sweetles® Press donates over 1,000 books!
    Author/Illustrator Sal Barbera and Sheri Barbera of Sweetles® Press donated 1000+ books to AHH’s Birthday Dreams program. 

    Sheri adding Books to a birthday bag

    Sal-signing-a book for AZHH

pilot truckPilot Freight Company delivers the books!
It turns out 1000+ books are quite a LOT of books.
It was so many books they had to ship by truck! They filled a pallet and weighed 840 lbs.and that’s where Pilot Freight comes into the story.

Tom Drake, the Vice President of Pilot Freight Company was extremely generous Pilot covered the freight costs in full. His exact words were:

“Yes, we certainly would be happy to help you folks out
with the freight charges for the children’s books.”

Pilot-Delivering-Bookspilot book delivery

Within a day, he had coordinated everything and the books were delivered – with special thanks to Pilot and delivery men Erik and Tyler!

  • al-dan-mary elizabeth bookA wonderful day for Arizona Helping Hands!
    Author, Illustrator Sal Barbera hands CEO Dan Shufelt 1 of the 1,000 + books he and Sheri of Sweetles® Press donated to Arizona Helping Hands for their Birthday Dreams bags.





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